Bead Sizes


Bead Sizes

Most beads we sell are measured in mm.  We also try to include the diameter of the hole in the bead within the product description (apart from seed beads).  Please let us know if we miss any!

However, seed bead sizes are measured by the international x/0 format.  This system is rather old and no-one is really sure what the number before /0 actually refers to but it is a popular belief that it refers to the number of beads that can fit along an Inch.  Therefore, the number is inversely proportional to the size of the bead.  To help you better understand the bead sizes, please find a table and some pictures below.


Bead Size Size in mm
6/o 3.3
7/o 2.9
8/o 2.5
9/o 2.2
10/o 2
11/o 1.8
12/o 1.7
13/o 1.5
14/o 1.4
15/o 1.3
16/o 1.2
18/o 1.1
20/o 1
22/o 0.9

A standard size 11/0 bead:Measurement of a size 11/0 bead






A standard size 6/0 bead:

Measurement of a standard size 6/0 bead,






 Note: As with all of our beads, the size will vary slightly between each bead.


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